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6 Nov
6 Nov

What is a Credit Score and how does it work?

Banks and Financial Institutions offer a variety of products for borrowing funds, either secured (against an asset, such as a home loan or gold loan) or unsecured (based on the credit worthiness of the individual, such as credit cards and personal loans). However, before approving a loan, a financial institution tries to determine the ability […]

1 Nov

Used Car Loan

Car loan is the quickest of all loans. Sometimes, you can get delivery of vehicle within 2 days of applying loan. Morever, it requires less documentation and interest rates are quite low. Used car loans are also available at www.vikashfinancialservices.com

1 Nov

Home Loan

A Home Loan is a secured loan product where the lender provides finances for the purchase or construction of a residential property. One can also avail a housing loan to buy a plot of land and construct on it. Home Loans are also issued to extend/ repair/ renovate/ alter a new or second-hand property. The […]

1 Nov

Personal Loan

Personal Loan is the easiest way to accommodate your immediate expenses like marriage, holiday, house renovation etc… The favorable point of taking personal loan is that, there is no collateral or security which needs to be provided. The loan amount ranges from as low as Rs.50000/ to 20 Lacs. The tenure starts from 1 year […]